Crown Child Placement Romania, is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) located in Sighisoara, Transylvania, the central part of Romania, and it functions as a ministry of Youth With A Mission. We work in close partnership with a local church and the public child protection services in order to bring durable solution for the plight of the orphan children in our nation.

For the last 22 years we have been promoting, encouraging and facilitating social integration by means of foster care and adoption for children who are abandoned in one way or another and are condemned to a life of loneliness in well meaning institutions.

Our vision is to restore the hope of abandoned children for their God given destiny and advocate for social responsibility in this cause.

Our mission is to speak out for those whose voices would not be heard and mobilize the community and churches to take responsibility for the proper care of the orphans.

Our strategy includes:

  • Preventing separation of children from natural family – support families at risk;
  • Counsel and provide training for the community and families who would be willing to adopt or provide foster care for orphan children;
  • Lobby in order to find solutions for our children with severe medical conditions who were neglected in the care system;
  • Organize summer camps to provide recreation and training for children who live both in state and private foster homes and orphanages;

As spiritual leaders in the community we find that one of our specific missions is to reach out to poverty stricken neighborhoods where most of the child abandonment phenomenon has its source. In our effort to bring holistic solutions to this real need, we network spiritual, social and material resources, trying to engage all sectors of society in the process.

Crown is funding its projects through donations in the form of financial partnerships, personal contributions from friends, churches or corporate world. We operate on relationship-based support as patterned by YWAM system.